Making a Masterpiece


What if today was the best day of your life?

Every thought you had was wonderful. Every action you took produced the best outcome. Every person you encountered left refreshed for having dealt with you. They left feeling inspired and looking forward to the next time you both met. And the same thing happened when you went home to your family. Pretty awesome picture! Would your business and life prosper with such a day?

Now, what if I told you your perfect day was available to you right now, today? As unrealistic as it sounds, the fact that you could imagine this means that its there. The old adage of “If you think you can, you’re right; if you think you can’t, you’re right” really does apply. Most of us settle for bits and pieces of the perfect day because we never set this as goal. And given the feeling such a picture invokes, why do we NOT set such a goal?

In his book, The Leader Who Had No Title, Robin Sharma suggests that we let fear, self doubt, and the voices of others keep us from setting such an audacious goal. What if I failed? What if I told someone and they laughed? What if I think that such a day would require too much change on my part?

The truth is that what you can conceive and believe, you can achieve. And a belief is like a muscle, it grows the more you exercise it. The more consistent the exercise, the more significant and lasting the result. Think weight control. Diets alone rarely result in long term weight loss unless accompanied by DAILY changes in exercise and moderation in food intake. And if you moderate the way you eat and exercise consistently, are you still on a “diet”?

But exercise usually requires discipline. Discipline involves doing things daily that most others won’t so that you can be tomorrow where most others can’t. Since discipline involves consistently doing something you normally choose not to do, how do you make the change?

Which brings us back to conceiving of your perfect day. The best way to find the daily discipline to change can be found in another definition of it, “remembering what you want.” Remembering is the exercise that grows the dream.

Robin Sharma suggests you start small and build your perfect day by listing all the areas in your life that need changing for your perfect day to unfold naturally. Then each day, write 5 small things you could do that day to move you toward that perfect day. For example, if you get frustrated often, you might close your eyes and picture the desired outcome for 10 seconds. Not a big deal, but what if you made progress in 5 areas for a month. 150 new improvements. A year would equal over 1,000 improvements and imagine 5 years from now. Can you see that perfect day coming into reality?

Of course, a 2000 year old plan provides all the discipline I need to start work daily on my perfect day. In fact every day is a perfect day. I awake, look in the mirror and say, “This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT” . And when I think through my daily tasks and begin executing them, I remember Paul’s formula for the perfect day: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. ” And that fires me up.

So don’t have a nice day, have a masterpiece day!

About pro356rick

I am the founder of Pro356 Consulting which focuses on promoting organizational wellness, productivity, and profitability. I hope to share insights I have learned from so many others in living my life. If they prove useful to anyone, then my time here is well spent. While I have a Harvard MBA, I think I learned quite a bit as a 11 year old paper boy. And I know I will learn from anyone who comments back. Wishing you a masterpiece day, Rick
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3 Responses to Making a Masterpiece

  1. Dan Therrell says:

    Rick…what a great post! Now I want to read The Leader Who Had No Title! Hope the Fairhope Library has it!

    It has taken me 60 years to learn how to have a “perfect day”! It took an awakening…a moment in time when the switch flipped, from OFF to ON! It was a realization at my core that today is not a rehearsal! It is THE PERFORMANCE! My time to shine, or fall on my face, either way, to be authentically myself!

    For a long time I had this knowledge residing at some intellectual level, like a valued book in my personal bookcase. it was just like a lot of other information that may become useful some day, like how to prune azaleas, or how to negotiate a win-win deal.

    But then I had an experience, an everyday experience that was not so unusual, not so special. But the simple message that was delivered to me via this experience literally opened my eyes to see, my ears to hear, and my mind to grow and expand towards the infinite understanding of the meaning of life. Big words, brave words but my life changed in an instant. I had heard of this, but honestly I had never some close to what I now have a “knowing” about. And it is no longer on the intellectual level. It is in fiber, the core of who I know I am.

    I have attempted to dissect this “event”. the moment in time, and I think it is largely due to an instant banishing of the fear of failure AND, just as important, the fear of success! Now I experience small to large successes every day with little effort. The “size” of the success is not important. It is the energy that comes with each little success that is the nuclear fuel which moves me forward with faith and confidence along my path. I could say more…but it has become too amazing to be able to document all the evidence.

    Let’s have a cup of coffee some time and collaborate on a perfect day or year.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there… made an impression on me. Dan

  2. Catherine says:

    LOVE this! Great post. Thank you!

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