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Time… For Another Workshop

Where is George Carlin when you need him? I found myself thinking, “I don’t have time to write a blog on Time Management.” When did I ever lose time to now not have it when I need it? Continue reading

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The Road to Freedom Is Closed for Repairs

Failure to think about your customer first is a classic mistake for any organization. Continue reading

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Sustainably Insane

Every thought leader and MBA speaks of creating a sustainable advantage. We see innovation, blue oceans, lean, supply chain management, as tools to create and maintain a sustainable advantage. One industry defies all of this and it’s insane. At least in our state, food is anything but sustainable.
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A marathoner looks at going with the cashflow

Business and running go hand in hand to me. Continue reading

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Teachable Moments and Conflict

Life is conflict. The act of breathing involves conflict a person and gravity. Yet most of my life I avoided conflict.And I considered such behavior a strength. Wrong-O. Continue reading

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Joyfully Losing Our Net Worth and Finding Our Real Worth

Am I the only one excited about the Fed’s announcement that the average U.S. household lost 40% of their net worth in the last few years? NO, I am not anti-capitalist; I am pro reality.

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Claiming to offer Customer Service without phone service

The next day, we start getting phone calls from claimants asking how to get in touch with the local claims center. Guess what? The new claims centers do not have phone service. Seriously. Continue reading

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