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Blue Skies and Exit Interviews

Employment and turnover go together as much as rain and sunshine. We don’t consider rain a defeat of blue skies, so why should turnover be any different? Continue reading

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Grace – Don’t Just Say It, Give It

If #grace is not #intentional, it’s not grace. Continue reading

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Dr. Stephen R. Covey – A Principled Life

I went to read about him and what struck me was his recognition and major impact didn’t start until his late 50’s. He was 57 when The 7 Habits was published. Like John Wooden, his impact came after decades at his craft. Continue reading

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Resilience, Resolution, and Swimming Elephants

Resilience and Resolution are skills that can be acquired. And the more you grow your resolution skills, the more resilient you become. Continue reading

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July Fourth – Entrepreneur’s Day

Our country was founded by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs take risks in order to have the opportunity to prosper from such activities. They accept the reality that failing is vastly preferrable to not trying. That spirit has lead this nation on a path that every other nation in world envies Continue reading

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