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The E word is Everywhere

It signifies love, it signifies war. There are rules about it. We use it to bring people together and describe people entangled. Continue reading

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Originally posted on CRASH Leadership:
“Our goal with the redesign was simple: make all major functions accessible within two taps.” – Evernote Now that, my friends, is a legitimate SMART goal! Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely The only thing I…

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Why I’m Grieving Election Day

Why I’m Grieving Election Day.

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Business Funerals and Other Lean Thoughts

A wonderful Methodist minister, John Ed Mathison, gave me the answer. They refused to hold any program funerals. And they are not alone.

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Voting and Business

Finding myself in a 20 minute line to #vote this morning, I started pondering what business lessons could be learned from this whole voting process. Continue reading

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A Deep Dive Learning Experience

Nothing like starting as a master’s competitor and finishing as an aquatic comedian. Continue reading

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