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I am the founder of Pro356 Consulting which focuses on promoting organizational wellness, productivity, and profitability. I hope to share insights I have learned from so many others in living my life. If they prove useful to anyone, then my time here is well spent. While I have a Harvard MBA, I think I learned quite a bit as a 11 year old paper boy. And I know I will learn from anyone who comments back. Wishing you a masterpiece day, Rick

What I learned from HGTV

I have come to realize that a new addition to my business is a fusion of my wife’s favorite HGTV shows. Continue reading

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What I learned from Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was part of my Dad’s big three. When I was a kid…. Continue reading

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The Big Rock in the Focus Jar

Given their “head on a swivel” world, what is the one metric they should always stay in touch with? Is it cash flow, market share, sales, or debt service coverage? My answer is simple,…… Continue reading

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How to have a Good Day – The day after Labor Day

When you aim to stay focused on your attitude and then pay attention to your most important goals, your day brightens. Continue reading

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Getting Back on the Podium

Now that the Olympics are over, what do you remember? For me…. Continue reading

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Touch Matters

Touches are not big things: a note, a quick text, a phone call. Yet they are really are THE BIG THING. In the end …. Continue reading

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Putting your brain in the fast lane!

The wider the lane, the faster the brain can get to what you already retained. Continue reading

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