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Sorry about the title. I grow weary from all the similar emails I get and ads I hear that sound about as absurd. I do have a great guaranteed return tip that is based on 50 years of observation and a couple of years of actual application. Continue reading

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Public Service vs. Public Disservice

The attached link has me thinking of Alice in Wonderland and 1984 and seeing red. Seems the big guys, Wall Street, Hollywood, and Corporate Farmers, with former “public servants” representing them as lobbyists, snuck $76 billion in tax credits into the fiscal cliff bill. Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Deja Vu

Have you ever learned something, forgotten the lesson, then rediscovered it after you paid to discover it years later? I did this fall when I took on teaching a bunch of high schoolers how to start their own business. Continue reading

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Voting and Business

Finding myself in a 20 minute line to #vote this morning, I started pondering what business lessons could be learned from this whole voting process. Continue reading

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July Fourth – Entrepreneur’s Day

Our country was founded by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs take risks in order to have the opportunity to prosper from such activities. They accept the reality that failing is vastly preferrable to not trying. That spirit has lead this nation on a path that every other nation in world envies Continue reading

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Joyfully Losing Our Net Worth and Finding Our Real Worth

Am I the only one excited about the Fed’s announcement that the average U.S. household lost 40% of their net worth in the last few years? NO, I am not anti-capitalist; I am pro reality.

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A Balanced Life and Steve Jobs

What stuck me the most about Jobs was found on pages 567-571, the last 5 pages….Yet no where in there, facing death, did he spend a second reflecting on his family and relationships. The closest he came was seeing his six year-old and “imagining” what is was like for the employee he fired that day to face his six year-old. Pitiful and sad.
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