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Seeing what you hear appear

All I know is since I started investing time each morning thinking, visualizing, and writing down what I wanted to have happen, and listening to tapes on the subconscious mind, the universe keeps sending opportunities to me when I least expect them. Continue reading

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Creating Your Future in a Weird World

So if weird is here to stay and average is going away, I’m OK!
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A Street Worth Occupying

Watching all the protests bubbling up under the banner of “Occupy Wall Street” has been an emotional experience. I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Continue reading

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The Cart Before the Horse: When Not to Innovate

Innovation is hot. Everywhere is another book, publication, blog or daily tweet on the need to innovate, how to innovate, why to innovate and/or lessons learned from the great innovators. According to N-Gram Viewer, a Google innovation, 118,000 books were … Continue reading

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