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The Big Rock in the Focus Jar

Given their “head on a swivel” world, what is the one metric they should always stay in touch with? Is it cash flow, market share, sales, or debt service coverage? My answer is simple,…… Continue reading

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Taking a Great Customer Experience to the Remark-able Level

Yesterday, I talked about the need for a feedback loop to insure you stay on track with your goals. Today, I experienced one that a vendor used that will keep his organization focused on their customer loyalty goal. It was fast, simple, and very effective. Continue reading

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QR Books – The Next Big Wave to Catch

Do you love to stay informed on the best thought leaders as well as find time to review the classic literature in your field? Successful individuals always answer yes to this question. The rub is finding the time do both while executing … Continue reading

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Profits Thru People – Action Steps – Part II

Major in the Minors. Pay attention to the little details. What do your customers see and hear the first time they visit, and what do they see or hear the 10th time they visit? Continue reading

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Too Big To CARE

Rick’s Law of Customer Service: For each 10% increase in scale, customer service drops 1%. Continue reading

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Voting and Business

Finding myself in a 20 minute line to #vote this morning, I started pondering what business lessons could be learned from this whole voting process. Continue reading

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#Flip Thinking about Employees and Customers

In teaching a course on entrepreneurship and creating a business plan, some “flip thinking” happened. In the discussion of ,”Who is your customer?”, the class hijacked the process and turned it on their employee base.

Continue reading

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