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Servant Leadership 101 – What would happen?

What would happen if ___________________? It’s a great question to activate your goal seeking mind Continue reading

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Getting Something From Nothing!

“I am not good at doing nothing,” declared my wife, Laura, during our morning conversation.  I smiled and agreed that taking time to just relax and leave your “to do list” mentality was especially difficult for her.  I had put … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership Tip #1 – The Discipline to Follow

Discipline comes from disciple. Disciple means one who follows and its Latin origin means to learn. Discipline is an attribute of most leaders. So how do you lead by following? Continue reading

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What I Learned Vacationing in National Parks

Vacations are time slot to vacate your normal routine. As a business consultant living on the flat and humid Gulf Coast, a trip to the high desert of Arches and Zion National Parks in low humidity Utah was the perfect setting. We hiked, ate, photographed and mostly strained our necks looking up at God’s awesome creations. Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Deja Vu

Have you ever learned something, forgotten the lesson, then rediscovered it after you paid to discover it years later? I did this fall when I took on teaching a bunch of high schoolers how to start their own business. Continue reading

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July Fourth – Entrepreneur’s Day

Our country was founded by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs take risks in order to have the opportunity to prosper from such activities. They accept the reality that failing is vastly preferrable to not trying. That spirit has lead this nation on a path that every other nation in world envies Continue reading

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Success Principles in Action

Long after DVD’s and YOUTUBE© are things of the past, these principles will live on. Continue reading

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