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A Sweetheart of a Entreprenuer Story

Listening to a young entrepreneur describe his situation was giving me a headache and making me smile. Continue reading

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Seeing what you hear appear

All I know is since I started investing time each morning thinking, visualizing, and writing down what I wanted to have happen, and listening to tapes on the subconscious mind, the universe keeps sending opportunities to me when I least expect them. Continue reading

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Marketing in the Bazaar World

Bazaar marketing requires that since no one can see you given the flatness of the streets and the vast number of booths and shoppers, you have to approach your product differently. Continue reading

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A profitable life at any level

Started teaching a course on entrepreneurship tonight and the subject turned to cash flow. We were taking about the 7 C’s of lending which includes collateral. Collateral represents the ability to save and is required for any type of loan. … Continue reading

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