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What I Learned Vacationing in National Parks

Vacations are time slot to vacate your normal routine. As a business consultant living on the flat and humid Gulf Coast, a trip to the high desert of Arches and Zion National Parks in low humidity Utah was the perfect setting. We hiked, ate, photographed and mostly strained our necks looking up at God’s awesome creations. Continue reading

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Metric Failures

KPI taught me a lesson I still apply today. The less you understand about a problem the more information you request. The more you know about your problem, the more you focus on a few key items. Continue reading

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A Balanced Life and Steve Jobs

What stuck me the most about Jobs was found on pages 567-571, the last 5 pages….Yet no where in there, facing death, did he spend a second reflecting on his family and relationships. The closest he came was seeing his six year-old and “imagining” what is was like for the employee he fired that day to face his six year-old. Pitiful and sad.
Continue reading

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Business Coaching, Who needs it!

Why is something that is so obvious so hard to grasp sometimes? When I mentioned casually to group of friends watching a golf tournament that I do business coaching, one remark came back, “Coaching, who needs it.” What struck me … Continue reading

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Edwards Deming and the Family Business

 I recently was turned on to a 1984 video by W. Edwards Deming, the guru of Japanese quality and innovation. In the Five Deadly Diseases of Management, Deming correctly identifies the short term focus of management as well as the … Continue reading

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Team Chemistry – What Is It and How Do I Get It?

Today Auburn is the #1 team in the BCS football poll. Two years ago they had a losing season; last year they started strong then faded in the second half. This year most analysts predicted they could go 9-3 at … Continue reading

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When to Innovate or Where Is My Running Shirt?

After reading the June 2010 Success Magazine on Innovation, I’ve been thinking about innovation and how it relates to people, productivity and profitability. Not only have I been thinking about it all wrong, I realize that most companies do also. … Continue reading

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