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Don’t Ditch It, Switch It!

When it comes to attitudes, most of us have a hard time staying on the positive side of the road. The number of days I started with a Norman Vincent Peale attitude that switched to Eeyore by 10 am are too many to count. What happened? Continue reading

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What I learned from HGTV

I have come to realize that a new addition to my business is a fusion of my wife’s favorite HGTV shows. Continue reading

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To move up, listen up!

What one skill is available to all of us and is utilized poorly by almost all of us? Continue reading

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A vacation to do – A personal mission statement

The best thing I discovered while driving between Montgomery and Fairhope …. Continue reading

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Employee Engagement Tip #7 – The Sad Truth about Valentine’s Day

This year another 50 million roses and flower bouquets will go unsold. Add another 50 million boxes of chocolates and you have a real sweetheart recession. But this one is there every year regardless of the stock market or the employment numbers. I call it the “Lack of Love My Job Recession.” Continue reading

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Productivity Tip # 4 – What is your productivity brand?

Many of us have realized that developing your personal brand, previously known as your reputation, is important in this marketplace. Here’s my question: Would you rather be known as a hard worker or a hard accomplisher? Continue reading

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