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Socializing Success

My wife Laura and I got into it the other night discussing how to get ahead of the competition in personal development… Continue reading

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Metric Failures – The rest of the story

I got excited because I realized that I had failed twice in twenty minutes before succeeding in the twenty fith minute. My failures exceeded my successes and even my successes didn’t work out the way I hoped I did. Continue reading

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Metric Failures

KPI taught me a lesson I still apply today. The less you understand about a problem the more information you request. The more you know about your problem, the more you focus on a few key items. Continue reading

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The Lifetime Value of a Mentor

The synchronicity for me of the two situations was the lifetime value of a mentor. Continue reading

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A Balanced Life and Steve Jobs

What stuck me the most about Jobs was found on pages 567-571, the last 5 pages….Yet no where in there, facing death, did he spend a second reflecting on his family and relationships. The closest he came was seeing his six year-old and “imagining” what is was like for the employee he fired that day to face his six year-old. Pitiful and sad.
Continue reading

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