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Employee Engagement Tip # 2 – In Praise of Right Ups

When is the last time you gave somebody a right up? Not a write up, a right up. Continue reading

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The Tight Sound of Teamwork

If you thought of your business as a band, how would you describe it? In what genre would you be? Who would be your lead singer or guitar player? Would your fans talk about your songs or your players? Continue reading

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The “Tee” in Teamwork

What can you learn about teamwork and synergy at a charity golf event? Usually not much, but this week proved the exception. Continue reading

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The Business in Bowls

It’s bowl season. When business takes a backseat to the couch. Continue reading

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Vision and Teamwork

My wife Laura has the rare combination of vision and “get’er done” work ethic. I benefit from both as her teammate. Continue reading

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Optimistic Blind Spots

Optimism is a wonderful trait for entrepreneurs. It’s the high road at the problem forks in your life. Its the fuel necessary to go the extra mile. It’s in the DNA of successful, happy people. For all its wonderful attributes, … Continue reading

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